What it takes to be a soldier in the US Army! - Charmaine Poe

Basic Combat Training was both physically and mentally challenging . Yes, I went 2 months without my phone to learn how to survive without it. We have physical training every morning followed by a full, and busy day. We were either at the gun range, spelt in the woods, at a grenade range, or marching to our destination. The most challenging part is living with, and getting to know many people from different states and countries. We had one common objective. How can we all come together, work as a team, and become a whole new family. One thing you learn in basic combat training is that teamwork is key. We have Battle Buddies! A battle buddy is someone we must protect during wartime, under fire or not. The best part of training was becoming a certified fighter. The army is known for combat . I loved being able to fight my drill sergeants. The most important part is getting in shape and staying in shape so you can pass the Pt Test. The PT test consisted of push ups , sit ups, and a 2 mile run. I scored a 78 in push-ups, 60 in sit ups, and 80 on my 2 mile run. My final score was a passing 219. I personally thought it was pretty easy to pass. To conclude this blog I want to say whatever you wanna do, go for it! Chase your destiny and let no one get in your way. Don’t give up when things are hard. Push yourself and Stay humble!

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