Underrated. - Audrianna Hill

Hello! My name is Audrianna Hill, I’m 16 years old and I am a junior at Renaissance High school. I chose this school because I saw a piece of myself there and I felt I was destined to be successful at this school of excellence. My decision to come over to Renaissance as a freshman was to grow on and off the basketball court. I felt athletics at this school was strong so I took my basketball talents here. Coming to a high school level of basketball was definitely a huge challenge for me because I didn’t have the confidence I needed to be successful on the court. I struggled being myself on the team for a while as a freshman because the bar was set so high and I truly wasn’t prepared. As a freshman on a high school varsity team, there comes a lot to show and prove. And as I was going through my freshman year, I didn’t really understand the blessing that I had as a freshman on varsity. Transitioning to my sophomore year, AAU summer was also a challenge for me. This was partly due to changing teams. The transition definitely wasn’t easy because nobody on the team knew me. Therefore, hardly any teammate knew my strengths and weaknesses. I put a lot of work, time, and effort heading into my sophomore year.

This past summer we just had of aau for me was amazing, I’ve never felt so comfortable and

confident in my life. This past summer I decided to take my talents to Hype Athletics and play for

them during the travel season. It was amazing and I really loved playing for them. They were aware of me and my talents so becoming comfortable on the team wasn’t a challenge whatsoever. The girls on the team are like family to me because we all communicated and worked really hard together to get to our goal of winning games and just playing basketball. Over this summer season, I got a couple of people that were interested but nothing too major. I have yet to receive any offers as I’m starting up my junior year. It affects me sometimes, but it's only fuel to push to greater heights. As a competitor, I want to play at the highest level. However, I’m going to accept and love the right situation for me. I would love to play Division I basketball and be successful but I also know playing at that level takes a lot of hard work, self confidence, passion, and tons of commitment. I feel I have these qualities and I only have to prove it to the coaches. I’m vowing to myself to give all I got and nothing less to prove to everyone that I am worth it.

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