If you need someone to talk to

Hello Everyone, My name is Nia Heaston, I am a junior at Renaissance High School.. I have managed to maintain a 3.8+ gpa throughout my years attending. I would like to bring attention to how mental heath is a major factor in the lives of young people today. I personally have my own challenges I face everyday. I play three sports, I'm a part of the student Senate, and I'm also running for Class President of 2021. This doesn’t include my regular 7 classes and work I do outside of school hours. Recently, I have lost a couple friends to suicide, and it hurts to know that you really don’t know what's

going on in people’s lives without the proper communication. I just want to make sure that my peers/teammates make it a priority to talk to someone if they have anything going on in their lives. Letting people know that they matter is crucial. So if anyone needs someone to talk to, or advice my contact info is (313) 623-7363. Thanks

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